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For Sale

For sale !!!

Unique handmade products

Unicolor Wayuu Bags

Unicolor Wayuu Bags Oosnuchi Strap

Handmade by Wayuu Indigenous

10% Off at:

Small Wayuu Mochilas

10% Off discount at:

Small Wayuu Mochilas.One of a Kind.Handmade by Wayuu Indigenous from Colombia

Discount Unicolor Wayuu Bags

10% Discount Unicolor Wayuu Bags 

Handmade by Wayuu Indigenous

Also additional discount over six unities in our site 

30 seasons colors to chose :

Spring, Summer, Fall adn Winter

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Wayuu Accessoris

Wayuu Accessories

When the humans supplies the basic needs,began the interes in art,aesthetics, beauty and design. It creates the need to be diferent and look great.

The women want to feel exclusive and different  wearing beautiful  clothes and  accessories.

Our company specializes in offer to our clients unique and beautiful handmade products.

Our products make women feel different and exclusive to other women that only used massive clothes from factories.


visit our Store at: 

Wayuu Sandals Pompons

Wayuu Sandals Pompons, handmad eby Wayuu Indigenous from Colombia. They have a smal Osonuchi handmad ein Loom and Pompons that match with these colors.